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Unorganized Chaos

Posted by Chris Capizzi on

Our warehouse is a total mess. After a midnight move to escape amateur espionage in the Valley and emergency pandemic-style stockpiling, we’ve hit a critical mass of chaos. So we’re in retail hell - inventory - a time when we come clean and face all our mistakes, to start fresh.

The slowness of counting books is good thing though, especially now, as we brace for the imminent impact of taking on a retail store. We’re going back through some of the first books we listed on the website and looking at old photographs from the fleas and pop ups. We’re so nostalgic about things that happened just a few years ago, a strange byproduct of the pandemic, I guess. It really makes us think about what we’re doing and why, with the context of our own history now - 6 years of it.

And at a time when books are still being banned, in Texas and every day on social media, it feels so important for us to keep making books known and available. So Story Sale with us today and every Thursday, or visit your favorite bookstore in-person or online.

Weekly Story Sale / Thursday February 3, 2022


Chris Capizzi is co-owner of A Good Used Book. He lives and works with Jenny and their two dumb cats in Los Angeles.


Story Sale

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