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Used Books, Forever and Ever

Posted by Chris Capizzi on

We love used books too much. So it doesn’t look like we’ll be members of the American Bookseller Association. Half of all the books we sell have to be new books, or we’d be non-voting, affiliate members. An easy decision here at A Good Used Book.

We love new books, don’t get me wrong, and we’re so happy to have added some to our rotating collection. Authors who look like us, come from where we came from and question our places in society have more opportunities with publishers now, and we feel we’re getting closer to the full catalogue we’ve always wanted because of them.

But in a few years, these new books will be used, readers will pass them on for others to read, and they’ll find their way to us - to be cleaned, photographed and written about. It’s not an easy business, we struggle with it every day, but we believe in the significance of used books, the value of their contributions to culture.

While we continue to prep for the retail store, we have plenty of books to choose from later on today, fresh from the distributors or 40 years after being place on a bookshelf in the basement. 

Weekly Story Sale / Thursday February 17, 2022


Chris Capizzi is co-owner of A Good Used Book. He lives and works with Jenny and their two dumb cats in Los Angeles.


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