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A Good Used Book Fund


A Good Used Book Fund

Created and sustained by the generosity of our customers, A Good Used Book Fund was, in its conception, for those of us who wanted a book but might not have had the budget for one. It was a reservoir, a pay-it-forward line at your favorite drive-thru, a book on an anonymous stranger's tab.

As we change and grow, so does the Fund. It has now become a way to boost the proceeds of our Not For Profit Story Sales on Instagram, allowing us to double our contributions to the organizations working directly on the changes we need in America. Our goal with A Good Used Book Fund is to distribute books where they are needed, as well as financial support.

We ensure your privacy and our complete gratitude. Aldous Huxley said that the function of the well-intentioned individual is to create small-scale working models of the better form of society. This is ours and, we hope, yours too.

Note: There is no sales tax on your contribution and at this time it is not tax-deductible.