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About Us

We sell books. But there’s a little more to it than that.

As a team of three, it's Jenny and I who find books weekly. We choose carefully, based on the book and its condition. Each one goes through quite a process - cleaning, conditioning, pricing, research, photography - and we make them available here, on Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest. Oh, and we're definitely on Twitter.

It's impossible to count the number of stories that have come our way. Stories told by authors long gone, stories about those authors from customers who read them, stories about reading itself. In the beginning, we sold our books online as part of a marketplace but built a physical pop-up for more autonomy. Now, because of coronavirus, we find ourselves back there again: this time with our own website, our own social media, and our own audience.

Sarah, our third, joined us last year. She used to organize shelves inside an old U-Haul truck converted into a storage unit with us in Los Angeles. Now, she’s writing thoughtful, humorous copy for hundreds of books each month and helping take on multiple social platforms. All remotely from Palouse, Washington.

Here's what we're up to now:

WEEKLY STORY SALES  |  Thursdays, 3pm (pt) / 6pm (et)

We host Story Sales on Instagram Stories at 3pm (pt) each Thursday. We post a book per minute that is only available by DMing us. Books are made available at at the end of the hour when the active sale ends.

In each post, we describe the condition, let you know how much it is and Sarah has a note for most of them.

We start a cart for you and send you the link after the sale is over, around 1pm. And feel free to add books to the cart we send you, it’s all connected now.

Thanks so much for all your support. There’s much more backstory on Instagram and in the article about us in the LA Times here. Catch you at the next Story Sale, I’m hosting them for now, so stop by and say hi.

Chris (w/ Jenny & Sarah)